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The rock chic tradition (Filed: 18/02/2003) Clare Coulson on where to buy bespoke engagement rings
"The Lanes of Brighton are a fabulous hunting ground for rings and trinkets, and are the home of G&G, one of the city's busiest jewellers. Art Deco style rings are a speciality and bespoke pieces start at £700. The Workshops, 57 Ship Street; 01273 732492, or see"

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unique jewellery by G & G Design is handmade and finished to the highest quality
using the finest platinum,gold,diamonds,jewellers,sapphires,emeralds,rubies and other
precious stones and materials. Classic rings,earrings,brooches and pendants
crafted in the traditional method, including many art deco style pieces. based in Brighton kent surrey

G & G are also able to repair and restore original items, or custom make jewellery
to match an existing ring, earrings, or brooch, or to a given bespoke design or specification.

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